Long Distance Relationship Key ChainLong Distance Relationship Key Chain Lots ladies believe it is way tough . to locate the truth with no need to follow their spouse or hire a detective firm. Neither of these are required! Long Distance Relationship Key Chain The supporting roles associated with Tara who is Sookies good friend and co-worker at bistro actually that they work via.She use to come onto Sookies house almost each morning because her mother was fighting demons and had an alcohol problem so she was always causing trouble. Tara is played by Rutina Wesley. Long Distance Relationship Key Chain Her brother, Jason, played by Ryan Kwanten, isnt the smartest guy as world, but he sure makes dumb look delightful. He has been with every single girl ultimately town, and yet he still finds to help keep moving into trouble. Though when he is not the one causing trouble, he usually finds for you to help out and help save his related.